As a professional home inspector we are often asked “Would you buy this house” “Should I buy this house” or Does this house pass? while discussing my findings with my clients.

Technically, these are questions we are not supposed to answer. So my response may seem evasive.

Realistically, when you think about it 99% of the time my answer to those questions does not hold much value to you and the one percent of the time that it might when the house is perfect or a disaster the answer is pretty obvious.

One thing that we have learned in 12 years of being a home inspector is that every home buyer is different.  Every client we work with is dealing with different histories, experiences, fears, concerns, and financial flexibility. We have had clients walk away from houses that we thought were in great shape. We have had clients buy houses that we would never even consider purchasing. We often see clients become extremely concerned over items we find routine while ignoring some deficiencies we think are unique potentially expensive and important.

This experience reinforces to me the importance of providing my clients with the most objective thorough and complete evaluation of the property and its current condition. We provide the information as objectively and honestly as possible. Once the information is presented we are happy to answer questions and offer professional and personal opinions in response to questions and concerns. In the end the decision is completely up to the buyer.  My goal is to provide as much information as possible to assist in the process to help them make an educated decision.

My situation and your situation are different and my answer to those questions has no real value. You have hired me as a home inspection to provide you with an unbiased, objective report on the condition of the home. The money invested and the final decision are yours.