Listing (Seller) Home Inspections

Listing inspections also known as pre-listing inspections or seller inspections became popular during the housing recession of 2008.  The basic idea is that the seller hires a home inspector to perform a home inspection before listing the home with the intent to find major or serious issues so that they can be repaired or at least accounted for in the asking price.  Some people would also hope that potential buyers would simply accept the listing inspection report in lieu of hiring their own home inspector.

Primarily it was a marketing tool. The seller could market the house with the inspection and with invoices showing repairs, making the house more appealing to potential buyers. Occasionally, it involved an owner with limited knowledge of the house who wanted to get an honest idea of the conditions to determine if selling made sense and what potential repair negotiations might entail.  In a strong buyer’s market an argument can be made for listing inspections to make a home stand out.

Absolute Inspections, LLC does not offer listing inspections at this time. There are several reasons for this but primarily there is no real benefit for sellers in the seller’s market we are experiencing in our service areas of North Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Allen McKinney, Frisco and the surrounding suburbs.

If you have questions regarding your home’s condition for sale we recommend talking to an experienced Real Estate agent and possibly having the major systems checked. This would usually include the foundation the roof and the HVAC. Paying us for a home inspection is most likely not the smartest use of your money. If you have questions about your specific situation please give us a call and we will be glad to discuss it with you.