Are you concerned about high energy costs for cooling and heating your home?  Have you heard about different ways you might improve your home’s efficiency but you are confused about where to start for the best results? Do you need more insulation in your attic? Do radiant barriers work? How about solar screens?  Weather stripping? These are pretty common well known efficiency upgrade options.  But they can be expensive and you want to spend intelligently. Have you even considered some of the other potential problems or improvement you may need?

  • Adding insulation to the areas of the attic you can see if a fine idea but this may not be the best place to start. What about the areas you cannot access or see easily? Is there any insulation in all of those areas, walls and ceilings now?  Fixing deficient areas should be done before adding to areas that already have insulation. Look at the pictures on this page we have found that missing insulation in areas you cannot access or see is an extremely common problem.  The installers count on the fact that you cannot see these places to catch the problem.
  • Are your doors and windows well weather stripped? Do you have major air infiltration or loss in these areas?  We have found that even newer supposedly
    tight homes are often not well sealed at all. Our Infrared Thermal Imaging Scan will give you a visual picture of the problem areas.
  • Is your HVAC duct work well installed and well sealed? Do you have major leakage duct work leakage which is causing your HVAC system to work overtime and your home to never be comfortable? Absolute Inspections Infrared Thermal Imaging Scans have shown us that HVAC duct work leakage  is common.

Where should you start to make improvements to your home and help of lower your energy costs?  It can be hard to find unbiased information on these different options.  Most of the information available is from companies trying to sell a particular product or improvement. While all of these improvements may help you want to know what will give you the most return on your investment in the shortest time.

That is where Absolute Inspections Infrared Energy Evaluation can help. Utilizing our state of the art Infrared Thermal Imaging equipment we will perform a scan of your home or business to help you identify the areas that are in need of improvement first.

Look at the Infrared Thermal Imaging photos on this page. They document some of the common problems we regularly find with homes even brand new homes in our area. All of these photos come from actual homes we inspected. Some of them are almost unbelievable. We have found that insulation deficiencies are common HVAC duct work leakage is common air infiltration points are common. The Infrared Thermal Imaging technology we use helps to identify these areas and pinpoint where you need to make improvements first.

After conducting an Infrared Thermal Imaging Scan and visual examination of the home we will document that areas of concern compile a written report with photographs both infrared and visual for you to use to help guide you in improving efficiency. We will also discuss with you all of the different efficiency improvement options you may be considering and perhaps some you are not. Our experience will help you develop a plan of attack to make the most effective improvements you can for your money.

As always we work strictly for you our client. We do not sell any efficiency products. We do not have undisclosed relationships with any company that sells efficiency products. We will evaluate your home and provide you with unbiased advice on how to proceed in improving your homes efficiency and thus allowing you to lower your energy costs be more comfortable in your home and make informed decisions.