One Year Home Warranty

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One Year Home Warranty

New construction and One-Year Warranty Inspections:

Many people are surprised to find out that an inspection of a newly constructed and never lived in house will find problems.

Quality of workmanship varies from builder to builder and even by the same builder from one location to another. Even the most very best builders have some problems. The new construction process in Dallas and the surround suburbs is flawed. The person that filled the construction supervisor role, hardly ever really supervises work any longer. They are tasked with scheduling subcontractors on multiple houses (we have heard of a single person being in charge of over 20 houses) to try and get them finished and closed as soon as possible.

Subcontractors are not well supervised and they know it. They have very little investment in you, the buyer, because they do not deal with you. You are not the customer – the builder is their customer. Construction has become a volume business. All of this leads to problems. Sometimes it leads to huge expensive problems. If you do not find and resolve these problems before your warranty has expired, the repairs will come out of your pocketbook.

An inspection by Absolute Inspections, LLC. is an excellent way to get a critical third party perspective on your new home investment. After receiving your inspection report you will have a clear list of items that need to be addressed by the builder BEFORE your warranty period is over. You will have documentation of problems to take to the builder. This can save you money and hassles years later when you go to sell or when minor defects turn into major repairs.

The price of an inspection is a very small investment when compared to the price of your home or the price of major repairs