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Environmental Inspections

It seems that we hear a lot about environmental concerns these days. Much of it is simply the result of a greater awareness than in the past. And even though there isnt anything to be concerned with in most homes, there are still a number of potential home environmental issues that buyers should be aware of. Specifically checking for environmental concerns is not part of a normal home inspection. In fact, it is specifically excluded. If you are concerned about these issues or have a special situation or condition that increases your risk related to environmental factors, you should speak with your inspector about how to find specialists to perform specific environmental inspections.

In homes built before 1978, lead based paint may be present. Generally, if the lead based paint is in good condition, not cracking or peeling, it is not a hazard. If the condition is hazardous, the paint will either need to be removed or sealed in such a manner as to eliminate the hazard.

In older homes built more than 30 years ago, asbestos was used in many types of insulation and other building materials. If the asbestos is releasing fibers into the air, it needs to be removed or repaired by a professional contractor specializing in asbestos cleanup. But, if the asbestos material is in good repair, and not releasing fibers, it poses no hazard and can be left alone.

Radon Inspection is common in many parts of the country. Luckily, it is not generally considered to be an issue in the DFW area. As such, our inspection procedure does not investigate Radon levels. If you desire further investigation into Radon, please talk to your inspector about finding an appropriate specialist.