Buyer’s Home Inspections

Buyers-Inspection_1Every home buyer should get a home inspection. Most people are familiar with the general idea of a home inspection. What many do not realize is that, despite state licensing and a standardized report form, there are MAJOR differences in how different home inspectors perform a home inspection

Some inspection companies live by and even hide behind the Texas Real Estate Commission’s (TREC) Standards of Practice for home inspection. They produce simple checklist reports based on the standards. While this is not wrong in and of itself, at Absolute Inspections we see things differently. The Texas Real Estate Commission standards are an important guideline. We think it is very important to have minimum standards and protect the consumer from inspections that are completely inappropriate or inspections that don’t meet even any minimum standards. Some state do not regulate home inspection and have no standards.  Thankfully Texas does.

We see the TREC standards as a starting point. Every Absolute Inspection’s home inspection absolutely meet those standards, they are important. Then we strive to exceed them. Our intention is to evaluate the condition of the house in as detailed a manner as possible. This is one reason we have chosen to use  Infrared Thermal Imaging equipment on every buyer’s home inspection.

We inspect EVERY home as if we were inspecting it for ourselves, our family, or our friends. We have learned in the more than decade we have been in this business that every client’s perspective is different. What concerns us personally may not bother you and vice versa. Therefore, our intention is to report everything we find that could be a concern – minor or major. Some would call this being nitpicky or alarmist. We disagree. We call it being thorough. This can be accomplished in a non-alarmist manner. Our inspection is a property condition consultation. We will present the facts of the current conditions and what is important in our opinion. Then the client gets to decide what issues are important to them.

Our hope is to educate and inform our clients, not scare them. Every home will have issues. Some will have Major defects, some will have age related deficiencies, and most all will have minor deferred maintenance type issues or problems.

Major problems are:
  • Major Defects or Structural problems (foundation failure, roof failure, etc.)
  • Small problems which could lead to Major Defects (improper roof flashing that an lead to leaks, improper grading, etc)
  • Things that can hinder your ability to finance, occupy, or insure the home.
  • Safety Defects (Improper electrical work, fire hazards, etc)

Major problems should be addressed immediately. Often even major defects can be corrected inexpensively and easily once they are known. Most Sellers are honest and are often surprised to learn of these defects uncovered during an inspection.  Typically major defects will be the items that the buyer will want to include in negotiations.


Minor issues will tend to be typical for the age and type of house inspected and will often fall to the new homeowners maintenance or “to do” list.

At Absolute Inspections our goal is to help you be an informed consumer. We want you to have a clear, honest evaluation of the condition of the house you are buying.That is our main objective.

We are committed to educating you about your home and helping you keep things in perspective.

We will convey the information about your home in a clear, concise and appropriate manner, covering all the important facts. We will NOT resort to dramatics or scare tactics about problems. We are confident in our ability to help you be better informed, without resorting to these tactics.